Women’s Photography Specialist

Tunbridge Wells | Kent | surrounding areas


I’m Jade and I’m a women’s photography specialist, covering Tunbridge Wells, Kent and the surrounding areas. Thanks for visiting my website today.

I encourage women to exist in photographs. To show up…to shout

‘I am here!’
‘This is me!’
‘I matter!’

Think of the power of seeing a portrait of yourself that you love, and are proud of. Think about seeing this every day, and being reminded of how worthy you are of love and self-love; of how deserving you are of kindness; of how beautiful you are, both inside and out; of how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve achieved; of how determined you are; of how magnificent you are.

Jade’s gentle, warm nature combined with her expertise and creativity make her an obvious choice when looking for a professional photographer to capture stunning images for personal and professional use. Thank you Jade for transforming my nerves into confidence.

How can I help you be seen?


experiences designed to support, liberate, be positive and affirming, empowering and validating.


photography sessions designed to show you as the expert within your industry, connect you with your ideal clients and take your business to the next level.


and Business Portrait shoots – beautifully simple portraits, open and honest photography, showing the genuine you to whoever is looking.


portrait sessions designed to capture and celebrate the strength, beauty and movement of dance.

What a wonderful experience! Jade made me feel so good about myself and my confidence grew as the session moved on. We should all have a photo session during our lives!