This project is closed for new applicants, but you can still help celebrate the beauty of ageing by coming to see the next exhibition and telling all your friends about it!

As part of the upcoming 40 over 40 exhibition in Sevenoaks, I’m excited to be hosting two amazing empowerment opportunities for you!

Saturday 6th July 11am – 2.30pm
Women’s Empowerment Event – mini workshops aimed at helping empower women in their midlives, with self-love, confidence, menopause, styling, and skincare. This is a free but ticketed event, due to limited space. Click here for more information and to book your tickets!
Saturday 20th July 1.30-3.30pm
Make-Up Refresher Workshop aimed at women in their midlives.  This workshop will be practical, hands-on where you get to learn new skills and practice them with expert guidance. The workshop will be run by Deborah from Hall of Fame – Styling. Click here for more information and to book your tickets!

The 40 over 40 Project is a worldwide movement to disrupt the way women over the age of 40 are viewed by society and the media. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I wanted to be involved! It really resonated with me (I turned 40 myself during this time) and I felt that I wanted to help change the narrative surrounding women in their mid-lives.  So many women feel lost and unrepresented by the media. It’s a pivotal stage in a woman’s life that should be embraced and celebrated. So then it was born…

To find my women, I advertised the project via social media and word of mouth. Anyone was welcome to apply and there were no stipulations on who would ‘get through’ – everyone who applied and wanted to proceed could. I had women from across the UK getting in touch. The only slight downside was that, given the nature of the portrait session, I had to charge a sitting fee so that the project was self-sustaining – it would have been wonderful to run this project for free!
Each woman involved was welcomed to my studio and first enjoyed a pampering hair and make-up styling session from a professional stylist. The most frequently requested and provided style was ‘looking like the best version of themselves but without looking like they’ve been made up!’ Once feeling their best, I led the women through a fully guided portrait session, using different poses, outfits, backgrounds, and styles, to fully explore the different sides to their personality. This was followed by an interview where the women shared their stories. I spent three years collaborating with over 40 women aged between 40 and 69, and the exhibition is the result.

The 40 over 40 Project is an exhibition that celebrates the strength, beauty, wisdom and humour of women over the age of 40.  With the aim of normalising and celebrating older bodies, raising awareness of the beauty of ageing, and rejoicing in it, through beautiful authentic portraits. These are paired with honest interviews, helping women over the age of 40 to feel represented, and inspiring men, women and children to understand and appreciate women of this demographic, and learn from the wisdom of those involved.

What an amazing experience! I have truly enjoyed breathing and taking time for me. Thank you for all the laughs and helping me to love myself, and for all the pampering in a wonderful relaxed environment.






Who Am I?

I am an award-winning women’s photography expert, passionate about helping women to exist in photographs, feel empowered, and realise just how important (and beautiful) they really are. I believe in natural and honest portraits that my clients love and are proud of.

I’ve had such a wonderful morning! The makeup and hair was exactly right – a really good version of me! The posing was fun and Jade was a great instructor. Thank you for making it so easy and fun.