5 reasons to book a ballet photoshoot for your young dancer

28 Jun 2021

Ballet is an art form and dancers who study ballet tend to be passionate and dedicated. As a tough discipline to master, it takes a lot of practice, meaning that improvements are constantly being made.

You may wonder why you would invest in a professional photoshoot dedicated to your young ballet dancer when their abilities change all the time…well, here are some reasons why:

  1. Exactly this…because their abilities are changing all the time, annual photoshoots are great to capture these changes and see how they progress over the years, and how far they’ve come.

2. Asking why your young dancer loves ballet, they may say because they feel free, they feel 100% themselves, they were born to do it. Why wouldn’t you want to capture this emotion in beautiful fine art portraits that they can treasure forever?

3. If your young dancer is planning to apply for dance schools, you’ll need application photos. The whole application process can be daunting and tense – it really helps to have these taken by a professional photographer who you both trust and are comfortable with.

4. Capturing beautiful portraits of a young dancer can really boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. With the constant pressures on young people in today’s world, this is invaluable!

5. Many young dancers hope to become brand ambassadors for dance-wear suppliers. Regular professional dance portraits can help elevate their social media accounts and help make this possible.

Dance sessions with Jade Tinkler Photography are a collaborative and bespoke process. If you’d like to chat about how we can create the perfect photoshoot for your young dancer, please get in touch!