6 Images You Can Post on Social Media to Help Grow Your Audience During Lockdown

13 Jan 2021

So we find ourself in yet another lockdown…after not being able to work properly for so long, it’s easy to start running out of images to post on social media! Or are you unsure what to post that will keep you in touch with your audience? It’s hard to stay visible online when we’re at home all the time, and not getting to work with our lovely clients. However, it’s so important to retain online visibility so that you keep building the ‘know, like and trust’ factor with your audience.

Here are 6 ideas that you can use on your social media platforms during this time to engage with your audience.

1 – Your new workplace

People love to see ‘behind-the-scenes’, and it helps them to connect with your personality and environment. My personal brand photography sessions almost always include my clients’ work spaces for this reason. It helps to tell their story, and shows their audience what’s going on when they’re not with their clients.

This could be really effective if, in the current circumstances, you are having to work from home in a make-shift fashion. This might look like working on your laptop alongside children doing their school-work, cosying up under a blanket, wearing trackies and slippers for your Zoom meetings, or having to slip paperwork out from under your sleeping cat. Don’t be afraid to show the reality of your situation.

2 – Your pets

Featuring your pets and their personality is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals. Is your cat trying to walk over your keyboard while you type? Is your dog chewing your slippers while you work? Your audience are probably experiencing similar things right now!

3 – You as a working parent

If you are a parent, your children will be a huge part of who you are, and why you are doing what you are doing. Juggling your work alongside homeschooling kids – your audience, and potential clients, will relate to this, and some of them will be going through exactly the same challenges and joys that you will, as a result.

During my personal brand photoshoots, I often photograph my clients with their children, and as a family, as this is normally such a big part of their story, and one which will help show their personality.

4 – Your hobbies and interests

What do you do when you’re not working? If you have hobbies that can be photographed right now, try and capture them when you can. Invite your audience to see a glimpse of you outside work, and build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. If you can’t photograph yourself actually ‘doing’ your hobby, focus on relevant elements, such as flowers or tools for gardening, goggles for swimming, etc.

5 – Props and products

Use every opportunity to use images of your physical products. And if you are service-based, think about props, tools and accessories that you use in your business that relate to what you offer. For example, if you are a hairdresser, you might photograph your scissors and a comb. Think creatively, and photograph items or groups of items together. You can also photograph them from above in a flat lay style.

6 – Locations

As well as your desk, there are probably lots of areas around your home that would be suitable for taking photographs in. Look for as much natural light as possible, and clear away distracting backgrounds. Also, make sure you take your camera out when you go for your daily exercise allowance. Everyone is in a similar boat at the moment, and it’s a great opportunity to document your experience and locality, whilst connecting with your audience.


  • When taking photographs for your business, don’t forget to sometimes leave some space to one side of the main image focal point, and add your logo or text before posting. This can be easily done in Canva or Word Swag.
  • If using a filter for the final image effect, try and stick to the same one for all your images. This will help to keep your feed looking consistent and appealing.