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About Me

My name is Jade (maiden name Tinkler!) and I live in Horsmonden, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

I absolutely love photography, and am fortunate enough to have had this as my business for many years. I am incredibly passionate about empowering, supporting, and photographing women.

I believe that all women deserve to exist in photographs; have a gorgeous portrait of themselves, that they love and are proud of; and feel beautiful.

My mission is to provide a safe environment for women to be themselves, and for their personality and inner confidence to shine through.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable with a camera pointed at them…I know, because I’m one of them! Despite being a photographer, I still get very nervous before being photographed.

However, I also get the importance of photography, and understand that these aren’t just for me…the portraits are for my children to cherish, and the branding photographs are for my business and clients.

It is an honour to welcome women into my intimate garden studio for an empowering ‘Womanhood’ portrait experience. Likewise, I love supporting women in business, helping them to look and feel completely comfortable and happy within their brands, and telling their brand story to build their business.

Simply put, I’m completely passionate about what I do…I offer a premium photography service, alongside a genuine desire to help other women.

want to know more?

  • I’m a complete dreamer!
  • I have two gorgeous boys who I’m so very proud of
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve – I easily laugh and easily cry, and generally giggle lots
  • My hobbies include karate, ballroom dancing, ballet, reading, photography and gardening (although not all at once!)
  • I love growing my own fruit and veg
  • I’m an all-round animal person – pets over my life have included cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, snakes, hamsters, and horses. We currently have a cat and a dog, but would love to have chickens and ducks as well


It was a truly wonderful experience from start to finish. Thank you for making it such a perfect memorable day!