21 Feb 2022

Building your presence on social media can sometimes feel overwhelming. How do you showcase your brand and expertise? What type of content should you share? Which photos should you use and when?

With so much to consider and myriad options out there, you may feel as though you have no idea where to start. And that’s okay – in fact, it’s perfectly normal. 

In this post, I’ll help you find a way to build your brand that feels right for you, taking away that overwhelm and frustration. But before we get stuck into the hows, let’s focus on the whys.


Almost every brand or business will have a social media presence. Why? Because it’s an excellent way to build brand awareness and engage with your audience. It gives you the chance to talk to your customers or clients on a regular basis, as well as show them exactly what you do. 

Telling your story helps your audience know more about you and why you do what you do. Both your business and personal journeys can inspire them. You can also share advice and tips regularly, helping you become the go-to expert in your niche. Showing ‘behind the scenes’ content or sharing your successes will only enhance your relationship with your followers too.

By building your presence on social media, you’re able to stay top of mind. When someone wants to buy what you offer, you’ll be the first person they think about. If you’re showing up regularly with a range of content to inspire, entertain and educate them, they’ll soon be reaching out to work with you.

Finally, your social media presence helps to build that all important ‘know, like and trust’ factor that your audience are looking for before buying your product or service. We buy with emotion and justify with logic, so if you make your followers feel a certain way about what you’re offering and how it will help them, you soon become their go-to brand.  


With so many voices shouting to be heard, you may feel as though it’s an impossible task to get noticed or speak to your audience on social media.

I hear you. But it’s not impossible. With the right strategy and some creativity, you’ll soon find your ideal audience. Remember, it’s about finding the right people to speak to – the ones you want to engage with and who could become future customers or clients. 

It’s also a great way to build community, including getting to know other business owners who can support you and provide friendship and advice when needed. 

  • Show your face regularly! Use your branding images so people get to know the face behind your business. People will engage more when they know the person they’re talking to – you wouldn’t talk to a customer face-to-face whilst hiding behind a closed door!
  • Think about some of the brands you follow – what content are they sharing that you enjoy? We can learn a lot from how others share their information. Why not look at other brands in your industry too – how do they showcase their expertise?
  • Use a range of different mediums – try a mix of grid images, video, Reels or Stories. You can share graphics as well as photos too. If you’re feeling confident, you could take part in a Live to talk through an area of your expertise. Share posts that simply help your audience get to know you better too – it doesn’t always have to be tips and advice. 
  • Social media is just that…social. Spend a little bit of time each day engaging with other people’s content. Leave helpful comments where appropriate – giving others a glimpse of your knowledge. Share people’s posts that you find helpful or interesting – and soon they’ll start doing the same for you. A simple phrase to remember is: ‘Don’t post and ghost!’ If people comment on something you’ve posted, take the time to respond to comments and create conversation. 
  • You don’t have to post every day, but you do need consistency. Find a posting schedule that feels manageable for you. As long as you show up regularly, your followers will still be there to learn from, and enjoy, your content. 

Finally, the most important part of building your presence on social media is to remember it’s just one part of your marketing strategy. Ask yourself the main reason you’re on there – is it to drive people to your email list? Sell products? Sign them up for a discovery call? 

Once you’re clear on why you’re there, you can build your presence more strategically – and have a little fun along the way too.

If you’re interested in learning more about building your social media presence, I have a new digital course being released soon – ‘Stop the Scroll! Build Your Brand on Instagram!’ Find out more and register your interest here.