Creating a mood board for your brand photoshoot

5 Oct 2021

If you’ve got a brand photoshoot on the horizon, chances are your photographer will ask you to create a mood board before your session. But if you’ve never put one together before, it can feel overwhelming to know what to include. 

So to avoid that overwhelm, let’s look at what a mood board is and some ideas to help you create yours.


Mood boards help you express concepts and ideas visually – giving your photographer an idea of the style, look and feel of your brand, prior to the session.

They’re excellent for collaboration too, as you and your photographer can create a set of ideas to clarify your vision for the shoot. You can then be confident you’ll come away with photos that feel completely true to your brand and its values.


  • What do you want your images to say about your brand/business? Create a list of words to describe your brand or its values
  • On Pinterest, search for ‘personal branding photography’ – select some images to match the words in your list
  • Collate your images – are there particular themes, styles or colours that resonate?
  • What colours are in your brand’s colour palette? Search for photoshoot examples with those colours attached to them
  • Add words that describe your brand – and you – to the mood board too. Attach inspiring quotes if it helps
  • Search for brands you like/admire/aspire to be like – use examples of their brand photography to give you further ideas
  • Which locations would align with your brand? If you offer gardening services, which outdoor spaces inspire you? If you’re a coach, are there indoor spaces you like the look of?
  • Which action shots might you use in your photoshoot? If you have a bakery business, will you want images of you baking? If you’re a dog walker, do you want images of you playing or walking the dogs? Poses are important to consider, as are natural shots.
  • Find images of outfits you like too, as well as makeup and hairstyles
  • Will you need props? If so, find some examples you could adapt and useWhen looking at images, consider what resonates with you emotionally – what just feels like you?


Preparing for your brand photoshoot is an exciting time. Your mood board is an important part of that process. By getting specific with what you’re adding to your board, you’ll feel less overwhelmed. And once you begin searching, you’ll soon get an idea of what you like and don’t like. 

Remain open to inspiration and you’ll be surprised what you find. Once you’ve got a board full of images, try to pick out ones that resonate, representing you in a way you feel aligned with. Have a maximum of twenty so it’s a really clear overall vision. Keep talking to your photographer too, as working together will give you the best results.

With a clear vision and collaboration, you’ll feel so much happier with the outcome. 

If you’d like to book a brand photoshoot, contact me today and we can chat about your needs.