Dance Portraits

Are you a professional or an ex-pro dancer wanting to celebrate your career? Are you an aspiring professional dancer in need of supporting images for your applications? Or do you have a young dancer in the family whose dedication you’d like to celebrate?

Capturing and celebrating the strength, beauty and movement of dance. Fine art dance portrait sessions are hard work, but the safety of the dancer is paramount, and we always work to the dancer’s capabilities. These portrait sessions are completely tailored to you.

I have used Jade for a creative Dance shoot for my 13yr old daughter and the results were amazing. So much more than I ever expected!  Jade is such a lovely person, she put us both at ease, explained the process in simple terms and worked collaboratively with my daughter.  We have since worked with Jade again for Ballet School Applications.  Jade was so organised and understood exactly what was required.  Jade made a normally stressful process, very easy for us. I fully intend to use Jade in the future!

What to expect

We work together before the shoot to establish where your strengths lie, where your passion is at, and what style of portraits you would like to achieve. On the day, we treat the shoot much like a dance class – you start by warming up, and we take each movement and pose gently and work up to the more demanding ones. The shoot relies on building muscle-memory, and so don’t be surprised to repeat some poses many times before we get ‘the shot’!

We move quickly and fluidly through different set-ups and poses so that there’s not enough time to cool down. That said, we always take breaks when needed, as the safety and comfort of the dancer is paramount.

Jade is patient and meticulous, and immediately puts you at ease – and that is when you get the best photos! I’ve shot with Jade twice now in dance photo shoots and she is so great to work with. I highly recommend her! 


Why Me

It’s an absolute honour to be able to capture the magic of dance through my portraiture, and share the breath-taking beauty, ease and simplicity that dancers train so hard to exude.

Creating stunning artwork from the art of dance fills my heart with joy, whether this is a creative shoot, or a more technical shoot required for application or CV. I will work with you in a collaborative effort to get the very best from you, and create portraits that you love and are proud of.

What a fantastic experience, thanks Jade! You instantly put me at ease and the whole shoot was thoroughly enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend you!



My fine art dance portraits are truly bespoke sessions, so the investment really will depend on your requirements. Please get in touch to talk about how we can create timeless artwork for your walls or support your professional applications.