Fine Art Ballet Photography, Kent

27 Jan 2021

Ballet is an art form that I adore and admire…I have the utmost respect for the commitment that these dancers have to perfecting their skill, and the strength and conditioning required to be able to move and hold their bodies in the most expressionistic way, convincing the audience that it’s the easiest thing for them to be doing.

This dedication and passion for their craft deserves to be celebrated through photography, and I have trained with international dance photographer Rachel Neville to be able to do justice by creating the most beautiful portraits possible, and specifically by translating what dancers do in 3 dimensions into a 2 dimensional print.

Following my training, I have been lucky to work with some wonderful dancers, as well as earn Awards through both the national ‘Guild of Photographers’ competition, and the international ‘Portrait Masters’ awards, for my timeless fine art dance photography.

The approach I lead with for my creative dance shoots is fully collaborative. We have a full planning session beforehand to make sure the final images meet (if not exceed) your expectations! If you’re interested in having your own fine art dance photo shoot, I’d love to help! Please get in touch to discuss your ideas.