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Here you’ll be able to access my courses and workshops related to photography and branding.  I’ve been a photographer for many years and have a wealth of branding and marketing knowledge.  I would love to be able to share the information, as well as help people learn.

‘STOP THE SCROLL!’ is a self-study digital course that will help transform your business!  After completing this course, you’ll be able to confidently and consistently fill your Instagram feed with appealing, eye-catching and interesting visual content that engages your audience and builds connections – all taken using your smartphone!  You’ll be proud to promote your business, knowing that your visuals look the part.

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This course is first class! It is an ideal, practical way for me to develop and improve my branding with better photography skills, more suitable for Instagram.
The Garden Coach


In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn what flat lays are and how they can help boost your business.  I’ll walk you through how to style, light and photograph flat lays and stock photos that are on-brand and personalised to you, and you’ll get plenty of time to create your own whilst I’m on hand to help guide you and answer your questions.  You’ll use your own phone to both photograph and edit the resulting images. 

In this workshop I will provide you with the inspiration and know-how to give your business the visual boost it’s been looking for. 

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Very good for businesses to raise their brand and profile…
Friendly, relaxed and informative…
This has given me confidence to play about and try different things. It was good fun and incredibly useful for small businesses. 
Deborah, Emma & Penny