Us women get used to juggling so many different roles…business owner; mother; teacher; carer; friend; partner; but where is the time to simply be a woman?

What I’m offering you is a couple of hours away from your family, your responsibilities, your to-do list! Something just for you.

A time to think about how you want to feel, how you want to be seen, what kind of person you want to be. To celebrate who you already are, and what you’ve already achieved.

To be lifted up, to feel gorgeous, to exist just for you. To be treated like a star. To be celebrated as a woman.

Mum and I are not very ‘girly’ so it was a treat to spend the day being spoiled and dressing up for fun! I would thoroughly recommend it! Had I known it was so much fun I would have done it a lot sooner!


Why Me?

I am an award-winning women’s photography expert. I know how to pose and light women of different shapes and sizes, to show them at their very best. I believe in natural and honest portraits, that show off how gorgeous you really are.

Women often need encouragement to invest time in themselves, and are often very self-conscious. From photographing families for many years (and being a mum myself), I frequently saw mum’s not wanting to be in photos, because of the way they looked and felt.

BUT…our children don’t notice the bulges or the lines that we worry about…they will see their beautiful mother, who is always beautiful in their eyes. These portraits will be their most treasured possessions for many years.

More importantly, wouldn’t it be better to have a gorgeous portrait of yourself, that you love and are proud of, and can show your children the value of self-love. To look at your portrait every day and remind yourself how beautiful you are.

Thank you so much for showing my mum how beautiful she is inside and out. Thank you so much for everything!


The Experience

I specialise in contemporary magazine-style portraits of real women, created at my intimate home studio in Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent – an easy drive from Lamberhurst, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Crowborough, Cranbrook and East Grinstead.

I tailor the posing to suit you, based on what suits your personality, your clothes and your body. I offer optional professional hair and make-up styling, to help you feel at your best, and work carefully to ensure you have the very best experience.

For all your beautiful curves, freckles, lines and imperfections…this is all about celebrating our imperfections and loving ourselves just as we are.

And more importantly, breaking the negative body image cycle so prevalent in today’s world, by passing this message down to our children…that every body matters, and every body is beautiful.

I can’t rate Jade highly enough! I am simply blown away. I feel like she really ‘got me’.
From start to finish the experience has been amazing. Jade has been the perfect balance of utter professionalism mixed with a down to earth friendliness. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel special and beautiful.

Image Editing

I do edit (retouch) my portraits, but only to get them to really show my client at her best. My ethos is ‘editing sympathetically’ – I don’t want my portraits to look like they’ve been retouched! I want the portraits to look like you, but the best version of yourself. How your friends and family see you.

I am passionate about helping women feel beautiful and to fall in love who they are, through gorgeous portraits that they love. Body positivity, acceptance and self-love are at the core of my women’s portraits.

We loved our photoshoot day, and were made to feel so completely at ease despite nerves, and loved our final images just as much – they really will be treasured heirlooms. A lovely service from start to finish with some beautiful and thoughtful touches throughout.

Investment & Gift Cards

My portrait sessions start at £225. However, all my portrait experiences are tailored to your needs, so please get in touch to discuss how you dream of being photographed, and to find out which package best suits you. Products are purchased separately, and start from £395. My clients tend to spend anywhere between £1,000 and £3,000 – but what you choose to spend is completely up to you.

GIFT CARDS are a wonderful way to show her how beautiful she is! Or even better…if you have a birthday or celebration coming up, and would love one of these experiences for yourself, let your friends and family know!

You really do have a natural ability to put people at their ease and make them feel confident. I’m still experiencing the effects and long may they live.